Every Moto X4 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017 Deal

Are you looking for a Moto X4 Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount? We will be updating this page with new deals on a daily basis!

Moto X4 Black Friday Deals

  • The new Moto X4 is fantastic value for its $400 price tage
  • Expect amazing new features including compatability with Amazon Alexa
  • IP68 water resistant – worry no more about those accidental spillages!
  • Beautiful glass back frame
  • Dual rear cameras allow for some amazing panoramic photos!
  • We will be placing a price tracker on the Moto X4 when it is finally released
  • Expect some kick-ass Black Friday Moto X4 deals this year!

Moto X4 Black Friday Cyber MOnday

Moto X4 Cyber Monday Deals

  • What about its daily performance I hear you ask?
  • Its Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 chip allows for octa-core performance
  • The X4 boasts an all day 3000 mAh battery and turbo charging, a 15 minute charge gives you enough juice for six hours battery
  • New fingeprint technology on its home button allows you to open the Moto X4 and take advantage of new finger gesture movements. You can move between pages and even split your screen and work on two apps at a time using this home page!

Moto X4 Cyber Monday